This isn’t just a planner.

It’s a life plan.


Your business has a lot of demands. We have even more solutions.
With over 290 ways to make your mark, organize and orchestrate
those dirty little details of your business, you can
kiss biz burnout goodbye for good.

They say that entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week on their businesses to avoid working 40 hours a week for someone else.

News flash: If it’s taking 80 hours a week to dominate, delegate, and get down with your business … You’re doing it wrong.*

*Please don’t put a curse on us.


After all, there’s a colossal difference between being the boss of your business, and letting it boss you around. (Hint: The second way sucks.)

Cut to today …

There are currently 33 items on your to do list, each one scribbled haphazardly on the back of envelopes, crinkled Post-Its, and—in a throwback to your teen years—along your forearm, just so you don’t forget.


Manically clicking through your 27 open browser tabs, you grab another 3 Advil, swallowing them dry in another bout of tension headache-induced desperation. The day is slipping by, along with your precious sanity.


You throw a quick glance to the clock, wishing for the umpteenth time that you could sell part of your damn soul for just 5 more hours.

You need

more time to brainstorm new ideas & product developments that’ll propel your business into a new arena (and income bracket). After all, stagnation isnt’ sexy. It’s time to move FORWARD.

You need

more bandwidth to actually organize and manage your tasks instead of letting them step all over your new Manolo pumps, leaving massive, muddy footprints in their wake (TRAVESTY!)

You need 

more space to breathe. To take that vacation to the Amalfi coast, sipping wine during sunset, and knowing that all of the important elements of your business are humming seamlessly behind the scenes.

And while you want to post the right things at the exact right times on your social media accounts, you don’t know where the heck to start.


You want to be able to go to dinner with your friend from out of state, but you aren’t sure how to set boundaries around your work time vs. life time, and your work has become your life. All of it. Every minute of every day is spent working, thinking about work, or crying about it in the shower—that you haven’t even had time to clean. 


And you’re really ready to finally meet your business goals, walking shamelessly down the path towards everything you’ve ever wanted. More fulfillment. More conversions. More profits. More fun. (This is supposed to be fun, you know.)


This is the help you need to get the upper hand
—without lifting a finger.


The Briefcase – Business Planner

Business dominance, delivered on a silver platter (or better yet in a sexy bound book).


“Nobody puts Baby in a corner!”  The 12 blank calendar months make tracking progress and tasks completely manageable—and even pure, unadulterated FUN.


Thick & sturdy covers, 1 inside folder, 290+ pages and 12 tab pages with a surface that feels like pure, indulgent velvet. Gorgeous and guaranteed to simplify your life.


Sometimes a month is too much, which is where weekly planning makes an appearance. Broken down into bite-sized weekly sections, you can conquer the world without breaking a sweat.

What's Inside The Briefcase Business Planner for Entrepreneurs


You’re running your business, but as a result, your business is running you straight into the ground. Find your way back to fun

by grabbing our (FREE!) info on operating your biz better. More organization, more free time, and a heckuva lot more fun.

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