Stacie Jensen - Owner of Paper & Prosper

Stacie Jensen

corporate refuge.*

*In a killer pair of Jimmy Choos.

After slaving away—day after day—to make other people look good, she threw in the towel, the tattered cubicle walls, and the tepid water cooler to pursue creating.

With an unrestrained love for web & graphic design, she left Fortune 500 companies reeling in her wake, tucking away her web and database development prowess into her gold Michael Kors pocketbook. Walking away from corporate wasn’t just about a change—it was about actually being challenged.

She knew, each time she bolted upright in the middle of the night, sweat on her brow, her hands wildly clutching at the sheets, that she wanted her own company.

Cue the creative process.

Endless hours developing essential tools for photographers, pouring her heart, soul, and a bottle or two of the dryest red wine into crafting products to help them run their business like the bosses they are.

It all panned out to be a completely comprehensive and uncompromisingly sexy planner. The clincher? It covers every single avenue a new business owner needs to know inside & out in order to (you guessed it) actually rake in the dollar, dollar bills and spend significantly less time crying in the shower.

In her hands, she held the business bible.

(Cue sunlight raining down and a couple of well-timed trumpet melodies.)

Now, jump cut to 2015, when she looked around and was thrilled—head to manicured toes—that there were so many other women finding fulfillment, financial success & a heckuva lot of fun owning their own companies.

Needless to say, Stacie started frothing at the mouth (in an attractive sort of way). She wanted to work with them all. She wanted to expand so she could help others expand. She wanted to sink her teeth into their marketing, their fan base, and the baselines of their businesses.

With the roaringly successful photographer’s planner wiggling a come-hither finger in the back of her brain, The Briefcase was conceived. (On a bed of white rose petals with an encore of a delicious cheese plate.)

The universal and entirely essential arsenal for anyone running any business.

Because it’s not just a business planner.

It’s a plan for your life.

When she’s not muscling her way into the world of business moguls, you can find her staring at the one gray hair in her right eyebrow, adopting ginormous exotic cats with her dashing husband (who just so happens to be the COO of a global manufacturing company), and trying to find that perfect shade of matte red lipstick. From (very) humble beginnings to huge success, Stacie Jensen isn’t just a force to be reckoned with–she’s the force that’ll help you restructure your business.

Unfiltered. Unstoppable. And unwaveringly committed to seeing you karate kick the most ass—so you both can roll around in a jacuzzi tub filled to the brim with Marquise-cut diamonds, all while watching Pretty Woman, and chugging down a healthy pour of champagne. Because in case you haven’t heard? It’s time to celebrate your success.