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Why settle for mediocre when
you can be a well-oiled mogul?
Hint: You want to go the mogul route.

The Briefcase makes it simple to find ultimate business balance and reclaim control over your business day, your sanity, and yes—even your weekends. (Gasp!)

Before we get this order on its merry way, choose the cover style below that lights your proverbial fire. (Wink.)  Scroll down to read all the sexy little details in this planner!

  • Currently only the digital download is available.  This is perfect for anyone who wants to customize their planner, print more monthly pages or add to your already existing planner.
  • Do not download on phone or tablet.  Download to computer only.


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 If you’re in the business of making
money, we’re here to make it easy.

The Briefcase In A Glance

Yearly Budget

Fill out the totally comprehensive pre-made budget with the amounts that fit with you and your business so you’re never caught in the red.

Personal Info

A private place to keep track of your mission, visions, ideal customers & frenemies competitors, and your brand info.

Measurables & Objectives

You can now track things like your number of clients, average project turnaround times, and increases in social media followers. (Woo!)

1 page per Month

Advertising Schedule

Lay out your campaigns in laymen’s terms. Think: campaign duration, how many clicks & how much revenue so you know how to do better next time.

1 page per Month

Social Media Schedule

By scheduling out your posts ahead of time, you’ll become the Beyoncé of Facebook posts. (Not to mention Twitter, Pinterest, and G+.)

1 page per Month

Social Media Growth Tracker

Once you’re a social media pro, go for growth. This tracker will allow you to watch the climb of all your followers (all the way to the top of Everest.)

1 page per Month


With the ability to sit down and decide where you plan to go in a month’s time, hitting the mark will be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1 page per Month

Creative Planning

After you develop your goals, you can start crafting together the creative plan on accomplishing ‘em, all while saving those ideas you have while falling asleep.

1 page per Month

Priority Task List

This is the task system that’ll change everything, where you can keep commitments and to-dos in one cohesive place, organized by importance.

1 page per month

Customized To-Do’s

This delivers the freedom you crave with the ability to scrawl out your own headers and decide exactly how to make the magic happen.

1 page per Month

Monthly Calendar

The 12 blank calendar months make tracking progress and tasks completely manageable—and even pure, unadulterated FUN.

60 Weekly Spreads

Sometimes a month is too much, which is where weekly planning makes an appearance. Broken down into bite-sized weekly sections, you can conquer the world without breaking a sweat.


Whether you need a quick brain dump or simply a place to brainstorm the next book you want to read, your notable note section is completely top-notch.

Cover & Tabs

Thick, sturdy covers and 12 tab pages with a surface that feels like pure, indulgent velvet. Gorgeous and guaranteed to simplify your life.

Year In Review

Special Date markers make it easy to use the 12 (monthly) boxes to track things of the utmost importance. Birthday, anniversaries, workshops, & National Hug Your Mailman Day (obviously). It also has plenty of space to write your year’s’ major goals.

This is the help you need to get the upper hand—without lifting a finger.

The (very) secret to your sustainable & sexy success.

And your entire business bound in one beautiful book.

From putting your pen to paper and precisely laying out your professional & personal goals, to scheduling in time to catch a movie with your Aunt Edna, we’ve got you covered. (In a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta dress and quite possibly a feather boa.) It’s about surpassing revenue goals, assigning tasks—and then actually getting them done—and running your business like the major CEO boss you know you can be.


To increase your efficiency, this bad boy comes equipped with an impenetrable pocket folder to stash all of your receipts, contracts & the number of the cute barista at the coffee shop down the way.  This planner is also separated into 12 tabs for 12 months – you just decide when to start and get it rolling.


Your business has a lot of demands. We have a lot of solutions–over 290, to be precise. With nearly 300 pages to organize & orchestrate your biz, you’ll never be left with a shortage of space.


Your new best business friend is proudly made completely in the U.S.A. (Now someone set off the fireworks.)


Who’s it for?

Blogger, party consultants, financial advisors, life coaches, tiger trainers & everyone in between.


What if it’s not the beginning of the year?

Not to worry. With a free-wielding format, there are no arbitrary dates to determine when you can start taking complete control of over your business or put a pause on certain projects. (Has someone been eyeballing websites about the Eiffel Tower?)


What does it look like?

Not to brag, but this planner is a head-turner. It’s not another face in the crowd–it’s the face people look for in a crowd. Thick, sturdy covers and tab pages mean you’ll never accidentally rip one out during a hot ‘n’ heavy planning sesh, and the surface feels like pure, indulgent velvet. Gorgeous and guaranteed to simplify your life.


I seriously need to know … how big is this?

With dimensions of 9.5″ x 11″ and nearly 1.5″ thick, we pinky promise you’ll never have to squint to read your master plans or try to cram text into wee little boxes. There’s even room to doodle in the margins, because who doesn’t need to get their doodle on from time to time?


What’s the quality like/will it spontaneously burst into flames?

We never, ever (EVER) skimp on quality. What this means for you? Professionally-bound, double wire binding that lets your planner lay completely flat or flip 360 degrees so you manage your business in the way that suits you best.


When is this bad boy going to ship?

We ship USPS Priority Flat Rate. What does this means? (Pretty) please allow 3-5 official business days for processing, and another 1-3 for shipping.

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This isn’t just a planner. It’s a life plan. Your business has a lot of demands. We have even more solutions.
This isn’t just a planner. It’s a life plan. Your business has a lot of demands. We have even more solutions.

This isn’t just the business planner. 

It’s a mogul’s model for success.

12 month Business Planner


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